How to Connect

Connecting to AMS-IX India is easy. Whether you are already present in a data centre where we have a presence or not, you can access our peering services following a few simple steps.

  • Order a cross connect from your router to the IX router
  • AMS-IX India will provision your port

Whether you are co-located in a connected data centre (see all connected nodes in Mumbai here) or in a non-connected data centre, you can either:

  1. Let AMS-IX India handle the entire process
    • Order a cross connect to AMS-IX India DWDM equipment with your colocation provider
    • Sign a transport order form
    • AMS-IX India will provision a port from the connected data centre to the IX node
    • AMS-IX India will provision a cross connect to the IX router

  2. Choose a 3rd party transport provider to access Rabale data centre
    • Provide AMS-IX India with this 3rd party rack details in Rabale data centre
    • AMS-IX India will provision a cross connect from this rack to the IX router

For more information about the order and connection process, please contact us by email