Why Connect?

  • High Quality Peering Services
    is operated under a sustainable, professional and neutral model allowing all qualified networks to connect. The design of the platform is unique in its setup. With its resilience and level of redundancy we guarantee carrier grade quality services.
  • Reduction of Upstream Connectivity Costs
    Our infrastructure allows you to interconnect and exchange IP traffic directly with all other parties. This reduces the need to send traffic through a commercial transit provider.
  • Active Peering and Diverse Community
    interconnects a variety of networks from all over the world. Our members stay in touch via mailing lists and meet regularly at peering events and networking conferences.
  • Business Development & Continuity
    We are always using cutting-edge technology and we partner with reliable suppliers to develop new and innovative ways to serve our member’s needs. We constantly strive to enlarge our customer base and increase the potential peering benefits for our members.